Be a part of a drastic Upgrade in Education!
Get into the Pilot-Upgrade-Program and pay half of the costs
to train your team of teachers, educators and caretakers.

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Marion Hopfgartner herself will be traveling to train, coach and consult together with her business partner Daycares, Kindergartens/Pre-schools and schools (aged 6 – 15 years) on the TLI-Upgrade-Program.

The target is to use this Pilot-Project to show the immense possibilities in education. Improvement is just around the corner! There is no such thing as stagnation in life and you and your educational institution can be one of our Partners in this new, fabulous Program.

Huge organizations are invited to start with a group of teachers, educators and children and joing this TLI-Upgrade Program. If the results are beneficial, it may be applied upon the entire educational institution.

About the program (all will take place in English only):

1) Marion Hopfgartner and her business partner will fly in to your city.

2) They will spend a minimum of 3-days best 1-week with you! Daily time investment will be approximately 10 hours (including breaks).

3) During this time, training on methodologies and the active practice of different areas will take place

4) Time is designated for consulting and tutoring parallel to the training

5) An implementation plan, schedule, calculation of hours of teachers etc. will be set up during this week. The target is to empower you to move immediately after the training.

6) Then you work with the outcomes and start immediately with the implementation of the ideas in your educational system or a small group of children.

7) A 3-Module-program is developed and suggested so as to have slow and proper implementation. But, you may book only the 1st Module if you want to see the effect and take more time. Speed of implementation is entirely in your hands. Recommendations will be given.

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