Learning must be fun

So many young students are not motivated to go to school and learn. Why? How can it be, that a young child who is curious about life and Everything – after attending an educational institution program for 1-2 years – loses interest in learning and their curiosity goes down? I know, this is not necessary. There are amazing ways that make children, young people and students successful. The idea has been put into a book at: http://www.upgrade-edu.com

Education should not kill your dreams

Education should not kill your dreams. Do you remember an educator, teacher or parent in your years of growing up, who told you that, “what you want does not work” or “you should forget about your dreams”. It mainly happens, because of the lack of awareness of those people about the effect of their words and thoughts. This needs an upgrade. Education must support the manifestation of dreams and targets.

Addressing Teachers Problems

Teachers today face not only high drop-out-rates but also a general deterioration in behavior of the children, more bullying and more demands from parents. Teachers sometimes describe their work, like being Clown’s – constantly animating children to motivate them to learn. We need to think about, how we can help teachers in their efforts to bring innovation into the educational system.

Education Builds our Generation

Education is an integral part of our society and economy. It creates our future. Whatever seeds we put in the minds of our young people, will be what they carry into the future. Especially the first six years in life are dedicated to learning without discernment. The brain of children is not yet able to use discernment in such a way, to understand, what is helpful for their growth and what not.

Children Don’t want to go to school

Have you ever wondered why children don’t want to go to school, why young students have anxiety, panic or even depressions and why teachers face burn outs? When looking from outside you might notice many times, that systems, curriculums and methodologies which are used are no longer updated. We need to Upgrade Education.

Uniqueness of Each Child

In developed countries, where basic needs are fulfilled, education is able to focus on the next step. To guide each child individually is very easy to implement in educational institutions, if the right system is put in place.

Does Education Need an Upgrade?

The Upgrade of Education starts today. With her new book "Upgrade Education" - Marion Hopfgartner releases a 21-step-program. You find 21 problems of Education and 21 possible solutions, which can be implemented into the learning life of students, homeschoolers, teachers classrooms, educational institutions even with a size of thousand student or more. Don't wait. Get you book at today at: www.upgrade-edu.com