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Teaching or learning – What do you think?

Teaching or learning – What do you think?

For centuries, the teacher stood in the front of students representing a very respected person, to which each and everyone in the class had to listen. No one even dared to questions their ideas, concepts or methodologies. If you wanted to know somethings, you either asked the priest, the doctor or the teacher.

As we are moving on into a world of globalization, it also brings new, innovative and modern concepts from and to each corner of the world. Also, in private institutions parents are paying high fees and therefore suddenly a teacher is questioned in their approach.

We do not see questioning a teacher as a bad thing, but we like to put out, that it is very important to use intelligent evaluation and proper expression. Sometimes concepts cannot be understood from outside of a system. Also, we always have to be aware that parents only criticize the function or position and acts of the teacher, but never the person behind the function. Too many teachers take such a questioning personally, thereby leaving out the important part of collaboration and reflection on the different point of view.

How to look at these two components from the TLI Perspective

  1. We understand the importance of constantly upgrading one’s knowledge about methodologies when being a teacher. 20 year back, methods, concepts and materials have been different. Upgrade must constantly take place. To gain such information is very easy, because today we have modern technology which brings us in touch with the ideas of the entire world.
  2. Teaching is no longer the main-focus in a teacher’s work. In the TLI Pedagogics we focus on self-learning-skills. The teacher becomes a pedagogical coach who guides or tutors (depending on the age group) the child along the way.
  3. We build a culture of learning: While we leave the culture of teaching behind, we now focus on building up a culture of learning. The idea of what learning is needs to be changed. A young child brings into the world its curiosity and wanting to learn. Very soon, the enthusiasm to want to learn new things changes into “have to” learn. In building a culture of learning it is very important to see learning as the side effect of doing. In the TLI Pedagogics we don’t do things so as to learn, we do them because we are curious to know more about a certain area.
  4. The child is brought in touch with these and many more points which we see as crucial in developing the child’s ability to cope with today’s world. It’s not the child, that has to change. It’s us as parents and teacher who have to adjust methods and ways of learning to the modern life.


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