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Many people think, that education is just as it is and that we all have to live with it. Also a group of people even does not think about if and how Education can be Upgraded. On the other hand, when I ask a person about our educational system, all agree that what happens in most of the areas, is really not up to date.

Parents, Teachers and even educational institutions understand, that there is a need for upgrade in education. In many countries, first steps have been put in place to start an upgrade, but a lot of the new methods are still only scratching the outer face.

We live in a completely new time, in a completely new environment. The change has taken place over the period of the last 30 years. In many areas – nothing is the same anymore. I remember very well, when my grandma told me about how they had to walk to school for a long distance and if there was work to do at home, they had to stay home. They did not had all of the machines and technical equipment around 1905 – 1930 when her generation was going to school. I always found that like a story from another planet. But look! If a mother tells today a child, that they called their friend via a landline, the children might feel similar than I felt and now we speak about only one generation.

Time is moving faster and faster. Neuroscientists tell us, that before a baby is born, their brain and nervous system adjusts to the expected surrounding. This is why babies survive if born in a hot dessert area in the same way, than babies born in a arctic climate in the north. The brain also adjust and the brain of our children is not the same anymore.

So when we speak about modern education – it is important that we understand, that our children, teenagers and young people think completely different and the speed of thinking processes is completely different. Therefore, education needs an upgrade.

If we look more deeply on the present educational matters, we can see that there are two main approaches.

One, which mainly focuses on results, performance and grades. They push children to learn more and faster. This way tends to end up as a learning for examinations. Three days after examination, the results of American Studies shows us, that 95% of the knowledge has been forgotten already.

The other main approach in education is the alternative way of education. Here children have free choice of what they want to learn and what they don’t want to. In most of these learning programs, the children spend most of the time playing and experiencing nature. They focus on social competence and friendship as an important part of learning but results are not important.

I ask you, what would be, if we bring the two sides together and create a modern education in our modern times? We should focus on updating our methods, styles and approaches according to what children and teenagers brain’s of today need and want. We have to include modern technology and hold on to the important facts of social communication and social competence.

I believe, if we do that, then education will have it’s desired Upgrade!

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