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JT Foxx is an important part of my today’s success

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The Past is the Background

In March 2016, when my last Coach and Mentor died, my life took a change, which was expected, but still happened suddenly.As the Personal Assistance of an amazingly successful Entrepreneur (and former Co-manager of Guns N’ Roses),
I had to step from the invisible second row to the first row in business.

Already 2013, I created an Association called “Lelek”, which operated mainly in Austria in the area of further education for people in the educational profession. The method called “The Lelek Idea” was developed over a period of 15 years and was ready in 2016 to take off and be announced all over the world, but I was hesitating being without a Coach and Mentor for the first time in my business life.


The Present was that special Moment

Finally in November 2016, I met JT Foxx at an Event in Vienna, Austria and was immediately attracted to his mindset on business, on his appearance and on how he managed the talk and the people during his talk. Being on the stage training for more than 12 years, I was very much impressed and could partially figure out, how he created a wave and emotion and relaxation during his talk.

JT and Marion charity donation!

JT Foxx is the ultimate Millionaire Underdog. He is a successful serial entrepreneur with companies, brands and business interests spanning the globe. He is one of the top platform speakers in the world and has been deemed the world’s #1 wealth coach as seen and heard on television, and in radio and print. JT is also a media and TV personality. What is most important to JT Foxx though are his philanthropic endeavors with youth entrepreneurs and kids with cancer. He is currently working on a new business reality show and his widely anticipated new book Millionaire Underdog, against all odds. After he was broke, he put himself together and made his first million at the age of 24 years. His vision is to share his way of making money and business with all interested people and thereby become successful too. His book Millionaire Underdog was sold in an stunning amount even before he has written it. Now he runs more than 56 businesses and built up a Training and Coaching company. I mostly liked his generosity in freely sharing his business secrets and success secrets, which were most important to me in that stage of transmission from a personal assistance who pulls the strings from behind to a leader of a network of organizations, that started to come into existence.

JT and Marion in Munich

Already from the time with my previous Mentors and Coaches, I was used to travel to learn from them. A very successful businessman may not come to your home 🙂 without being paid horrendous amounts, as we all may understand. So I checked out his upcoming Events and started to learn his business ideas, his approaches and his mindset on business. Very interesting for me was especially the topic on – how to work on the business instead of in the business. I also admire his interest to help his students to become successful and rich and he even created the idea of an Millionaire Network, which today is lead by his students. I knew from the past already, that the time of a single person is limited to 24/7 max and growth is depended on the ability to work with a team. It is important to scan and check a person, that someone wants to connect with, so I was also very serious about, what kind of review and feedback he had in the internet. Meeting JT  was a very important moment at that point in my life, that brought many remembrances of my targets, which I had put aside back and made clear to me, that NOW is the time to act. All my doubts were gone latest at that moment, when JT foxx introduced me at the South African Event to the people in the audience. If you have a Coach, it is not always his job to please you, but give you support in such an amazing way, as JT did, was an incredible endorsement to my person and my work. You may check it out on Youtube: Introduction of Marion Hopfgartner by JT Foxx.


The future is based on my today’s business life – including the past and the present

As a result of this journey that started 2013 and was greatly enhanced by JT, we are now in process to create an International Network of Organizations, that is needed to provide comprehensive support in the field of Education. Our Association is now ready to provide all basic education for people in educational professions here in Austria. Additionally to my 5 german books – my first english book on Upgrade Edcuation was launched end of March 2017 and the second one is now in process to be launched. We are printing our books in India under the guidance of my CEO and business partner and will announce very soon our publishing company Books2Transform. The second book follows during this summer period. I am invited to educational congresses not only in Austria, but also internationally – to speak on the topic of Upgrade Education. We are ready to launch our Educational Toy Company with one location in Europe and one in Asia – during this summer and are also having a team of amazing experts ready to provide Educational Consultancy internationally. For the year 2018, we are planning to open our Teachers College and I would say for little more than half a year, this is a lot of contribution to the world.

An important fact in my work is, that in the same way as my previous coaches as well as JT Foxx, I want to:

  • create change and leave stagnation behind
  • bring awareness about new ways and approaches needed in the 21st century
  • give something special to the people and the world
  • influence the lives of thousands of people positively
  • transform people, institutions, organizations, places and the world.

Our approach in education clearly is based on real life experience and sustainable learning tools. It includes technology in the same way as alternative educational tools. In our academies, we do not work for exams but for life which uses exams to make sure, that the valuable information needed for life or for  job are understood and can be used on the long-term. Our way in education and business is, to connect people, projects and markets to provide the best solution for students, clients and customers. Our team has 14 people and connects 5 leading experts. In the future, the team will grow and the work will spread over continents.

Surely, I like my life and I am ready for the challenges and the change!

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